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X-Files Story Finders

The place to find that X-Files fic you are looking for

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X-Files Story Finders - Finding that fic!
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xfstoryfinders is your community for searching for long lost X-Files fic.

Looking for some classic MSR? A thrilling, engaging casefile? Smut? Slash? Gen? Noromo?

How about that Doggett fic...where that thing happened. Or that one where Mulder and Scully visited that place...

Can't remember the title? How about the author's name?

Ask and you shall receive! We're all here to help! Ask your fellow XF fans, and you just might find what you're looking for...and something more!

Community Rules

1. BE POLITE! I know it seems a little mundane to say this, but people like to hear that one you've received their comment/help and two that it's been appreciated. If the fic that someone recommends isn't the one that you're after, indicated this, but thank them for their time and effort (and who knows, you might just stumble across a great fic!)

2. Once the fic you're looking for is found, please don't edit your original post with strike outs or get rid of the original request. Remember that other people in the community might be interested in what you were looking for!

3. All theme/type/genere fic searches must go into the appropriate comment in the sticky post. Also remember that places like Gossamer have search functions that are very helpful for this type of searching

4. Play nice! This is a strictly NO BASHING community. We ship, or don't ship who we want to, and read whatever we want. Everyone just wants to have fun, and I will not think twice about banning people who bash other people! I know it's harsh, but it's the only way to stop it happening.

These are just the basic rules guys, but please, please use your common sense. If you're looking for a fic, please look back through the entries and tags first. You might find the fic you're looking for has already been found.

Please, please don't hesitate to contact me, you're mod if you have ANY, ANY problems. If your request doesn't get filled, email me, and I might be able to point you to somewhere that might have just the thing you're looking for :D

Some places you might want to look for your fic
Gossamer Archives
XF Lost and Found Archive
Ephemeral Archives
XF Portion - Crossroads

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