FOUND: Search for Gone to the Dogs by Ursula


I'm looking for a copy of all the parts of Ursulas wonderfull story Gone to the dogs

title Gone To The Dogs.
Gone To The Dogs
Meant to Be
Old Ghosts
Of Bitter Sweet Memory
Healing Touch
Dogs of War
Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks
Little Black Dress
The Crooked House
Belun Speaks
Raining Cats & Dogs
Hold An Old Friends Hand
Search and Rescue
Gentlemen of Honor

I found every titel until Healing touch but the others are gone. It was such a wonderful story, maybe someone has it?

Thank you,

Greetings serena

UPDATE: online is most of the Story ( all incl. Belun Speaks) most of them @archive of our own nut you have to be logged in.

But I got a copy of the complete Story from someone who saved it.



Help Fanfic with Scully, Doggett, Mulder etc.


maybe somebody can help me. A while ago I read a fanfic. Scully and Doggett were taken hostage or something. They were treated bad. They were held in a basement or something in the dark and later separated. Mulder, and I think Skinner and Follmer etc., tried to rescue them. I think even Barbara Doggett was there. I can not find it again. Maybe somebody has an idea. I know, the description may not be very helpful 😕. In the end, everybody was fine 😉. Oh, I remember, that when Doggett was found, he was a little aggressive (?). Thanks for your help.

Fiction by forbes

Hope someone can help me, I'm looking for fiction by Forbes, the letters series, they were posted at the basement but that's now on archive of our own, the first few are there
The letter d, f omg, pray,tmi, out. But I can't find the next where doggett and skinner go off to look for doggetts half brother and get caught up in a school bus crash.
I have searched for ages and hope that someone here knows them. Many thanks

Post Colonization Series


I'm looking for a series, it was a very long, possibly crack AU/post col series that had the usual Mulder/Scully/Doggett/Reyes and even Krycek too.  I thought the website or series was called Rats or Ratz, or had something like that in its domain name or site but I haven't had any luck in scouring the internet or wayback for it- does anyone here know it? I would have read it ~7years ago but haven't been able to find it in any of the archives.

I remember one of the plots went along the lines of Monica/John are split from Scully/Mulder and Monica becomes unresponsives, while Scully/Mulder where trapped in a doomsday vault with Krycek. The whole thing was very canon divergant and OOC which is why I think it also might have been crack.

M/K fics by sleepwithcoyotes

Heeeey, I just finished watching an x-files marathon and got the urge to read M/K, specifically those written by Sleep with Coyotes aka ladona king.

Anyone have all the fics by this author? I can’t find them anywhere. If you could e-mail them at that would be great. Help pls
illusion of anarchy

A Kindred based story

Mulder is back in Mass. in The Kindred town and ends up renegotiating a treaty between the Kindred and the townspeople. One of the Kindred whammy's Krycek with love, but Krycek's mind is a black-hole of pain where loving someone like you loved your father means you kill them because that kind of love is attached to betrayal.
If anyone has the title or the author?

Post-colonization fanfic


I'm looking for a fanfic I read a lot of time ago. It was about a post-colonization world, if I remember right there was a character as first person narrator, I think she was a female, maybe Samantha (but I am not sure).

I think it was written before the 7th season.

Scully was kidnapped by CSM and he held her in his home.

Thank you!!

Angsty Mulder/Krycek with a healthy dose of hot sex

Does anyone know where I can find the story “Passing an Open Window I - I Came for You / Passing an Open Window II - Mystery by Maria M? I had a link to it which no longer works, and none of her works are on MKRA (The Mulder/Krycek RomanticsAssociation) any longer. I tried Googling and a few other sites, and came up blank.

Thank you so much in advance. If anyone has a copy and is willing to share, my email address is:

Thank you again. Any help is appreciated!

Mulder/Scully start of relationship/abuction/adoption/end of original series fic search

So this fic was one I read ages ago and due to my laptop deciding to die on me, I've lost the bookmark for it.

It begins in the original series, when they first get together, so about season 5/6 ish. They're in a relationship up untill Mulder gets abducted. When he gets back he's kinda weird about Scully being pregnant. There's a scene where Mulder and Scully are having dinner at her mum's house and Mulder makes a joke about their kid being the most well behaved in the future due to "threats" of alian abduction and catholic hell if he's bad. I remeber that when he's on the run he meets a woman in a bar called spider? And when William is adopted he still has his powers, his adopted parents hire this couple to help them on their farm and William heals a horse?

Also there's this whole native american myth thing that has William destined to defeat the evil gods (aliens) and that he'll have a sister and together they'll defeat the old evils of death. And thats all I really remember about it. If anyone can point me in it's direction that would be amazing!!!!
Thanks in advance!!!

Classic Fics - FOUND

Looking for a couple of old (25 years?) fics.

1. Mulder and Scully are stranded in a forest during winter for months. They were chasing a suspect or something and the cars crashed? Anyway, Scully knows things like skinning deer and making candles out of fat? There is an eventual sequel where they are training new agents who think it's amazing how well they communicate without words.

2. I think this fic had "game" or "games" in the title. I think they were doing some sort of fbi exercises at Quanitico but someone was trying to use them to kill Mulder and/or Scully. It's another one of those, they communicate without words fics.

I feel like there are a ton more they communicate without words fics I want to find, but I can't remember anymore specifics, so I'm starting with these two.

Thanks for any assistance!