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X-Files Story Finders
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little lush
Hi everyone! I'm looking for a humor/meta fic, probably posted sometime prior to 2000, which skewered the way the show always had the Syndicate/Consortium talking about Mulder as if he was the only person on the planet and Scully as if she was invisible or didn't exist. It was set during one of their classic covert meetings in a dark room and was short, dry, and brilliant. Anyone recognize it?
I've been away from X-Files fanfic for a long time (got caught up in Marvel) and I lost this story and most of my links when my laptop got stolen.  I don't remember too many details of this rather long story.  It's either Mulder/Doggett or Mulder/Doggett/Skinner.    Mulder solves a case where several men have committed suicide and Scully discovers they'd been pregnant.  A hermaphrodite had been using magic to implant women's reproductive organs into men and impregnating them.  (This was before the term intersex was know and that's the word used in the story, so I'm sticking to it.)  She fell for Mulder and kidnapped Mulder, Doggett, and Skinner to change Mulder.  A senator(?) gave Mulder a new house as a gift for rescuing his son (who was now pregnant and this is where they were taken from.  A body builder confronted Mulder in the bathroom of a restaurant or bar he'd gone to with Doggett, admiring his body and offering him a gym membership to help him get rid of his 'beer gut'.  Mulder didn't know he was being stalked by the Alien Bounty Hunter, who killed the gym rat.  It might be Mulder/Skinner, but the main couple if Mulder/Doggett.  That's about all I remember.  Does anyone remember this one?
5th-Aug-2015 10:35 am - Looking for some old stories
HI everyone.  I am looking for several old stories and wondered if anyone out there either knows some working links for the stories or has copies they'd be willing to share.  Either would be greatly appreciated.  The stories are:

I'm Thinking As Loud as I can  by Mik

In a Dark Place by Dusk Twilight

Private Education by Morticia

Thank you so much in advance.  If anyone has a copy and is willing to share, my email address is:  hmanzone58@gmail.com.

Thank you again.  Any help is appreciated!
1st-Aug-2015 11:57 pm - Skinner/Mulder Discipline fics
I've recently discovered Xanthe's fabulous X-files fics, and I'm looking for any slash or gen skinner/mulder discipline/spanking fics.
Thanks : )
12th-Jun-2015 05:30 pm - partners? bonded mates?
I'm looking for a Mulder/Krycek story that might also have Skinner/Scully in it.

In the story, some guy releases a chemical/virus/something into the atmosphere. It causes people to become bonded to each other. The story refers to these people as partners. Attempts to interfere with partners leads at times to homicidal behavior and the story implies the partners aren't always what would be considered appropriate. I'm not sure if the event resulted in widespread death/infertility or not. I do remember whoever created the situation was found dead at one point. I think the Consortium might have killed him.

Thanks for your help! :D
Hello, I just joined this community. Honestly I was searching for a fic and it led me here, so I joined. Well, I use to be slightly obsessed with X-File fanfic, but my computer with all my fics saves is long gone and I'm trying to relocate old favorites. One in particular I'm having difficulties finding is this one:

Its definitely an old MSR. Its about friends of (I think Scully??) who died and left their kids to her, but the court was reluctant to give them to her (or it could be friends of Mulders), because she's not married. So, her and Mulder move into this friend's house with the kids and at first they are not really together. But because of the court and trying to act like a real couple they slowly become closer and closer. I know, their is sex after a while and at first it's real boring (just for the court incase they ask questions) and then they confess their feelings - so it gets better. I'm pretty sure it was popular/a classic. I don't think there were any cases or really any paranormal activity of any kind, but I remember the story being sweet.

If anyone can help - I'd really appreciate it, thank you!
Plus, because I'm in the midst of deep X-files fanfic searching, I'll try to help out as best as I can :)
purple sky
Looking for a fic I read when I was new to fic-reading and devoured so many I couldn't keep them all straight. This one involves Mulder sending Scully on some kind of wild goose chase to a mall and storage units and whatnot to find him, and he has found and rescued one of the "Emily's". It's one of those where the girl ends up being a product of both M and S, having both their genetic material. The girl gets sick and then there's a strange motel room scene, and I think there are Kurt Crawfords or Jeremiah Smiths involved and a secret facility, and then Mulder and Scully probably get married and keep the girl at the end. It has a million fic stereotypes but was a good read and I'm guessing fairly popular since it was one the first I was introduced to. Any ideas?
29th-Jul-2014 08:54 pm - Multiple Mulder clones
Here's what I remember:

  • Mulder had been cloned as a baby (before birth?) and the clones had all grown up separately

  • There were eight(?) clones, each with a first name starting with different letters of the alphabet

  • very well-known fic, appeared in lots of "best of" lists

  • long story in multiple parts

  • written in the late 90s

  • Was one of the clones deaf?

  • Did Scully have a baby, possibly fathered by a clone who had pretended to be Mulder?  Was their a custody dispute between Mulder and Scully, who were estranged.

  • One of the clones was murdered, and Mulder was sent to investigate.  Local police were puzzled by his "twin"

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