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Help Finding a Fanfic :D? 
1st-Sep-2016 04:36 pm
I need help finding an X-files fanfiction. This is a post never again fanfiction where Mulder is obviously dealing with jealousy and anger. In it Scully goes undercover and is being watched by Mulder and other FBI agents through cameras in the house. She's living in a missing woman's house, I think? its for some guy that likes a girl and is stalking her or something like that. I know its post never again. It has a scene where in order to speed up the guys attack on Scully Mulder acts like the boyfriend or lover of the girl Scully is acting undercover as ( this part is pretty hot). They end up having sex in the morgue. It's pretty well written and one of my favorites. But the name is strange and the author never wrote anything else, at least I don't think they did. So I can't remember it. I had it saved on my computer but I lost all my files. Can you help out? I really want to re read it.
Thanks Guys :3
PS. The fanfic is not RUBY. Scully is not a stripper etc.
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