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Fox the Fugitive 
10th-Aug-2016 10:31 am
I'm going through some old stories, weeding out what I have no more interest in.  I came across a story from around 1998 by Karoshi (aka Karoshi12) called Fox the Fugitive.  It's broken into three parts, but it seems there is a fourth part missing.  There a part where Diana Fowley and some thug she hires beats Teena Mulder, Fox's mother, to death.  Since she did this outside of the Smoker's orders (he still cared for Teena) he sics Krycek on her.  Mulder figures out that it was Diana who killed his mother and he gets to her place right after Krycek had beaten her to death and left.  Mulder happened to be with the Smoker when he gets the phone call about Teena, with the Smoker getting his call just seconds before Mulder's, too late to keep him from answering the phone.  Does anyone remember this part?  Does ANYONE have this part saved?  Or know where I might find it on the net?  I think I also remember Mulder and Skinner going on raids against Consortium labs, their faces blackened.  Also something Mulder visiting one of his high school students and getting trapped in a haunted house.  Although the first aside may be from another story.  I'd really like to finish this story.
11th-Aug-2016 03:35 am (UTC)
I've never read this fic. Have you asked The X-Files Lost and Found board.
11th-Aug-2016 06:54 pm (UTC)
There's another site lost after about 9 broken down computers and 4 years on the street. Thanks for the tip.
11th-Aug-2016 07:16 pm (UTC)
Welcome back. Before it closed, I did an update in 2013 for crack_van: The X-Files Fandom Update.

Most of the LJ comms listed there are inactive, fandom having mostly moved to Tumblr, alas. But xf_book_club is still going. We add people, we lose people but it keeps rolling along. I may try to talk my fellow mod at xf_is_love into another round later this year. The fanfic links are not bad. People in this fandom are better at saving fic than some. And the internet archive is a life-saver.
11th-Aug-2016 05:22 am (UTC)
I have 6 parts of a story by Karoshi called Fox the Fugitive but I'm not sure it's the one you're looking for. Parts of it match your description but others don't. Also, part 6 was not the end of the story but I don't think it was ever finished.
11th-Aug-2016 07:44 pm (UTC)
Damn! It wasn't until I looked at the end of the page right now that I realized how much of the story is missing. The tale I remember starts with Mulder stressed over a bad case and (I think) Samantha's body being found. Scully and Skinner do something (can't recall right now) that that feel is for Mulder's own good but he feels trapped and betrayed and takes off, using fake IDs and names. He get hired as a high school teacher to black and Hispanic kids and becomes very close to them. Skinner tracks him down just when one of his students is murdered and Mulder want to go to her funeral. Getting away again, Mulder gets a phone sex job, calling himself Marty. During one call he overhears a murder and contacts Scully, who is on the FBI team investigating similar strangulation murders. (What I have stops just as he getting the job.) Later, Mulder get a job in Grand Rapids, Mi and the place is invaded by Native American spirits. This is just as Krycek (sent by Smoker) catches up with and loses him. Mulder goes back to the FBI. He plays a series of practical jokes on the Smoker. Scully finds out and plays one herself, but it goes wrong and Smoker releases a Mulder sex tape at a case meeting in revenge. Can't recall much more, but I realize how much of the story I lost.

If that's the story you have, thank the goddess! I wasn't hallucinating. I'll keep an eye on this site for more. Thanks.
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