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S1 fic, specifically Fire, Eve or Ice 
13th-Mar-2016 11:49 pm
Hi folks, following the revival I've started a classic X- Files rewatch (and introduced my 20 year old son to it for the first time which is rather fun). The rewatch has started a major classic fic-a-thon for me as well but it's also made me wonder what I've missed over the years.

Having just watched the epidsode Fire and the spectacular bitch that is Phoebe Green. I'd love to read fic set around that episode; Missing scenes, Mulder musing on the way she's fucked him up, love to see any stories where for whatever reason he and Scully have to work with Phoebe again or some pre show stories of Mulder in Oxford.

I can't believe how young and pretty both Scully and Mulder were in the early shows. Would love to read stories based around the early episodes. They must have been aware of what a cute family they appeared to be when driving the Eves across the country. Scully held a gun a Mulder's head on Ice - what did he think of that?

I'll take any recs for stories from the early shows.
15th-Mar-2016 04:17 am (UTC)
Season one recs: http://201daysofxfiles.tumblr.com/search/fanfic+recs%3A+season+1. You have to ignore the first post, "Demons." Sorry. The tags are messed up and I haven't figured out how to edit.

Fire Recs: http://201daysofxfiles.tumblr.com/post/124502893864/fic-recs-fire

Spoilers section at Gossamer in case your taste and mine don't overlap: http://fluky.gossamer.org/post-episode.html

Have fun!
16th-Mar-2016 02:58 am (UTC)
Thank you so much. I spent last night dipping into stories and wallowing a little.

And - call me stupid, but it never occurred to me what that Spoiler section on Gossamer was actually for. I'll use it for other episodes that spark my interest in the future.
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