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1st-Nov-2016 05:38 pm - M/K Story with sexpollen
I'm looking for a story that starts with some mad scientist releasing a chemical (sexpollen) into the water supply (?), and all citizens in DC are infected und pair off (like finding their true love). So do Mulder and Krycek, who just happen to run into each other. Later, Mulder reports to Skinner, who tells him that agents are now categorized, depending on who they slept with (normal citizens, minor criminals, dangerous criminals). Also the pairs get real angry and violent if their partners are threatened.
14th-Oct-2016 06:05 pm - Mulder well off?
Any fics out there that mention/deal with Mulder actually being pretty wealthy? I see him wear Omega watches which are pretty expensive...

Would love a detailed case story with this included in the plot but one shots that are just about Mulder being wealthy would be fine too. Gen or M/S romance is fine. :)

1st-Sep-2016 04:36 pm - Help Finding a Fanfic :D?
I need help finding an X-files fanfiction. This is a post never again fanfiction where Mulder is obviously dealing with jealousy and anger. In it Scully goes undercover and is being watched by Mulder and other FBI agents through cameras in the house. She's living in a missing woman's house, I think? its for some guy that likes a girl and is stalking her or something like that. I know its post never again. It has a scene where in order to speed up the guys attack on Scully Mulder acts like the boyfriend or lover of the girl Scully is acting undercover as ( this part is pretty hot). They end up having sex in the morgue. It's pretty well written and one of my favorites. But the name is strange and the author never wrote anything else, at least I don't think they did. So I can't remember it. I had it saved on my computer but I lost all my files. Can you help out? I really want to re read it.
Thanks Guys :3
PS. The fanfic is not RUBY. Scully is not a stripper etc.
10th-Aug-2016 10:31 am - Fox the Fugitive
I'm going through some old stories, weeding out what I have no more interest in.  I came across a story from around 1998 by Karoshi (aka Karoshi12) called Fox the Fugitive.  It's broken into three parts, but it seems there is a fourth part missing.  There a part where Diana Fowley and some thug she hires beats Teena Mulder, Fox's mother, to death.  Since she did this outside of the Smoker's orders (he still cared for Teena) he sics Krycek on her.  Mulder figures out that it was Diana who killed his mother and he gets to her place right after Krycek had beaten her to death and left.  Mulder happened to be with the Smoker when he gets the phone call about Teena, with the Smoker getting his call just seconds before Mulder's, too late to keep him from answering the phone.  Does anyone remember this part?  Does ANYONE have this part saved?  Or know where I might find it on the net?  I think I also remember Mulder and Skinner going on raids against Consortium labs, their faces blackened.  Also something Mulder visiting one of his high school students and getting trapped in a haunted house.  Although the first aside may be from another story.  I'd really like to finish this story.
10th-Jun-2016 06:43 pm - Mulder and Scully Affair
Hi Everyone, I've recently been looking for a fic that I read a couple months ago. The details are a bit blurry but from what I remember Mulder gets engaged to another woman and while they are engaged he begins a relationship with Scully. He is planning on breaking off his engagement but his fiance gets in a car crash and he decides to stay with her. He and Scully break up and I think Scully leaves the X-Files but they eventually get back together.

I've been obsessively trying to find this fic all week so I would love it if someone knew the name, thanks in advance!
13th-Mar-2016 11:49 pm - S1 fic, specifically Fire, Eve or Ice
Hi folks, following the revival I've started a classic X- Files rewatch (and introduced my 20 year old son to it for the first time which is rather fun). The rewatch has started a major classic fic-a-thon for me as well but it's also made me wonder what I've missed over the years.

Having just watched the epidsode Fire and the spectacular bitch that is Phoebe Green. I'd love to read fic set around that episode; Missing scenes, Mulder musing on the way she's fucked him up, love to see any stories where for whatever reason he and Scully have to work with Phoebe again or some pre show stories of Mulder in Oxford.

I can't believe how young and pretty both Scully and Mulder were in the early shows. Would love to read stories based around the early episodes. They must have been aware of what a cute family they appeared to be when driving the Eves across the country. Scully held a gun a Mulder's head on Ice - what did he think of that?

I'll take any recs for stories from the early shows.
5th-Mar-2016 04:00 pm - X-Patrol
This is my first time ever posting in search of a story...Does anyone know if Jo B ever finished or continued with X-Patrol...I have found up through Chapter 31 (The Plague) which ends with "coming soon - chapter 32"...Did 32 ever come and if so...where? Thank you all
15th-Feb-2016 03:18 pm - Private Education - Morticia
sneak hug, jd/dr.cox, dr.cox/jd, dr. cox, scrubs

I'm looking for Private Education, the sequel to Morticia's Metamorphosis. It's a WIP available through the Wayback Machine, but I was only able to access Chapter 1 that way. If anyone has the story or screenshots available and could send them to me, I'd really appreciate it. I'm mostly interested in Mulder's story - Chapters 1, 4, 7, 10, and 13.

Thanks in advance! 
26th-Jan-2016 08:48 pm - Deaf children and a hella long series
mofo rockstar
Hello all! the fic I'm searching for is from a few years back. I believe it starts with Scully's water breaking so her they end up at a grocery store and she's counting the time between her contractions. At some point they end up tracking down a women that looks like a little Mulder. This women might have had a relationship with a man that knew Mulder from his profiler days? This description is crazy vague, but as I recall this story is part of a larger series, and at some point M&S end faking their own deaths (with the help of the Lone Gunmen) and end up raising their two deaf children.

Anywho! An info leading to the capture of this fic will be rewarded with my everlasting gratitude!!
little lush
Hi everyone! I'm looking for a humor/meta fic, probably posted sometime prior to 2000, which skewered the way the show always had the Syndicate/Consortium talking about Mulder as if he was the only person on the planet and Scully as if she was invisible or didn't exist. It was set during one of their classic covert meetings in a dark room and was short, dry, and brilliant. Anyone recognize it?
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